Pigging Operation

Pipeline Pig Location and Transit Verification

PIG PATROL – An evolutionary shift in pipeline pig location & transit verification

  • Intrinsically safe approach for LNG lines – no interruption to production
  • Isotopic tracking – no loss of signal
  • Intelligent adaptive algorithms – maximize instrument sensitivity
  • Each program is uniquely designed – optimize minimum source size
  • Time and Velocity Stamps recorded for each transit – displayed on tracker
  • Export Local Services – onsite support personnel, detection and tracking systems and isotope supply.

ELIMINATE THE RISK of lost/stuck pigs

  • local company can deploy support personnel faster, 24 hour support service provided
  • decades of offshore experience and radiation knowledge provided with the support team
  • Increased instrumentation sensitivity – reduced gamma source size
  • Provision of complete transport and logistics capabilities
  • ISO Certified with complete insurance coverage.
  • Transit times displayed in-situ

PIG TRACKING with confidence

  • Isotopic tracking & transit verification during launch & retrieval
  • Accuracy of location within centimetres
  • Confidence in solution for location and recovery of stuck pigs
  • Local support services around you simplifies the process for your team

Pig Patrol – Developed by Petritek.  Deployed under licence by Radiation Professionals Australia