Pig Tracking

Eliminate the risk of lost pigs

What us Pig Patrol?

An evolutionary shift in pipeline pig location and transit verification. Pig Patrol location method utilises a small sealed radioactive source attached to each pig and is designed specifically to meet the project work scope.

Oil and Gas pipe lines require periodic inspections and cleaning to ensure the company’s assets are maintained and optimized. These pipe lines can be surface or sub sea.

Pigs are sent along the internal pipe line to clean and gather information and play and essential role in the maintenance of these pipelines for the life of the project.

The operator when using these pigs require tracking to ensure confidence that each pig has been successfully launched, traversed and received at specific locations along the pipeline route.

Gamma detection is used for this purpose for tracking of each pig by external means of the pipe line. To achieve this outcome each pig is tagged with a radioactive source which is calculated and specially designed for pig tracker either sub sea or surface use with a detection instrument mounted on the external surface for the required tracking method.

Eliminate the risk of Pigs

Pig Patrol informs asset owners about their pipelines performance and condition to promote optimisation and availability. Delays and related costs incurred locating lost or stuck pigs can be onerous. These can also be reduced significantly with the consistent and low risk reliability of Pig Patrol. An industry-accepted technology with in-built versatility to adapt to surface and subsea pipelines providing performance and confidence for asset owners.

Evolution in data and compliance

Expertise in multi-disciplinary instrumentation, data acquisition and analysis in harsh and demanding environments has informed R & D to deliver this next generation in gamma technology. The added in-field experience with global operators and world-class assets has ensured an informed performance meeting everyone’s expectations.

Smart Technology

Utilising smart algorithms, reduced gamma-sources and increased instrumentation sensitivity, Pig Patrol will improve regulatory compliance, HSE and operational performance metrics whilst getting the job done.

How has pig patrol evolved?

The sealed sources utilised by pig patrol require reduced activity by a factor of more than 3. This reduction in isotope activity embodies the ALARA principle (As Low As Reasonably Achievable) when deploying or exposing personnel to radioactive materials and is a considerable improvement in pig tracking.

Pig Patrol has built-in intelligence to capture data that differentiates between Isotope activity and background NORM’s (Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials), hence providing the operator with additional data without additional deployment of equipment, saving time and ultimately money for operations.

Pig Patrol TM – Developed by Petritek. Deployed under licence by Radiation Professionals Australia

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