NORM in Oil & Gas

Complete, compliant, and efficient NORM management.
NORM is widespread in minerals, oil, LNG and residual waste streams.
End-to-End Strategic Management OF NORM

Naturally Occurring Radioctive Materials

From identification, through planning, training, controls implementations to waste management including disposal.

How we help you with Business Risk Mitigation, Regulatory Compliance, Worker Protection and Environmental Integrity

NORM – Consultancy and Site Services
  • Management of all NORM health & safety risksNaturally Occuring Radioactive Material Offshore Petroleum NORM Management Survey
  • Radiation Management Documentation – RMPs, Procedures
  • Site Management – Licensed, Competent Onsite Supervision
  • Site Surveys – Environmental, NORM Identification & characterization
  • Health Risk Assessments and Regulatory reporting
  • Radiation monitoring equipment and Onsite mobile laboratory services
  • All levels of Training including mentoring of personnel onsite to upskill as RSOs
NORM-SCO Decontamination Services
  • Coordinating NORM decontamination services
  • Supervision of onsite personnel and exposure management
  • On client site or on RPA facility
NORM Waste – Packaging, Logistics, Disposal & Remediation
  • Waste Sampling and analysis
  • Packaging of waste into UN rated containers
  • Conditioning of Waste if required
  • Logistics (Storage, Loading, Transport, Export)
  • Site remediation
  • Disposal of NORM and other associated wastes

Naturally occurring radionuclides are present in varying concentrations in the Earths crust and can be further concentrated and enhanced processes associated with recovery of oil and gas.

Uncontrolled activities associated with regulated concentrations of NORM can contaminate the environment and pose a risk to health.

7 Steps to Managing NORM
  1. 1. Training

    Make sure your staff are educated and safe

  2. 2. Identification

    Understand your processes and where to find it

  3. 3. Detection

    Use the right tools to measure how much

  4. 4. Analysis

    Collect enough data and determine quantities

  5. 5. Legislation

    Understand the radiation requirements for your business

  6. 6. Reporting

    Inform your business of radiation issues

  7. 7. Management

    Put in place the required management processes and plans

Working Safely with NORM course

Radiation Professionals Australia has launched a Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORM) Awareness course to assist companies that need to be aware and manage NORM, this is a growing requirement in the industry.

Successful completion of this course provides you with the necessary knowledge for Working safely in a radiation environment, while under the supervision of licenced personnel.

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