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Complete, compliant, and efficient Radiation Management

Radiation Professionals Australia (RPA) was formed to provide expert radiation advice and support services to the mining, exploration, petroleum, industrial and regulatory sectors in general with special focus on the petroleum, and mining sectors. For over a decade our consultants have been servicing companies from small early exploration to large oil and gas global conglomerates.

Working with radioactive materials is a highly regulated field, whereby expert knowledge of regulations and compliance are crucial. Radiation mismanagement can expose companies and projects to many risks, including health and safety, community, environmental and business risks. Like any other hazard, the right management and monitoring practices greatly mitigate the level of risk.

The main issue is being able to identify that radiation is a risk at your facility, coupled with a shortage of understanding, skills or knowledge, as opposed to the inherent risk of radiation and radioactive sources.

This gap in industry is the reason that RPA was formed. The formation of the company brought together a wide range of expertise from industry, academia and government that form the basis of our expert consulting group today. We are now a complete lifecycle radiation service provider to industry, a trusted partner and advisor.

We have developed a unique three-tiered approach to industry with our affiliated partner companies through the provision of Dangerous Goods logistics and transport (DG Air), Radiation safety consultation and service provision (RPA) and instrumentation design and innovation (Petritek). Several unique tailor-made innovations have been brought about through this integration with the needs of industry and client requirements in mind.

Radiation professionals and DG Air

Although each company has different clients, we operate in the same fields side by side and work together on projects to service all our clients. The relationship was built on each company providing expert services in our respective fields.

To achieve this we use science, technology, and innovation, to provide companies with the insights they need to become safer, more efficient, and more productive. RPA provide a wide range of innovative, practical and cost-effective solutions that include:

  • Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORM) – End to End Strategic management of NORM from identification, through planning, training and controls implementations to waste management including disposal.
  • Isotopic Pig Tracking – Full services include onsite support personnel for subsea and topsides isotopic pig tracking, pig detection and tracking systems and isotope supply
  • Industrial Radiation Gauges & Compliance – Solutions for the management of industrial sources, including fixed radiation gauges, from importation and installation, through planning, training and compliance to final disposal.
  • Radiation Training – We are a provider of radiation training at all levels from awareness, to licencing to RSO mentoring
  • Radiation Laboratory – Laboratory Analysis of radionuclides, including field portable laboratory capabilities
  • Subsea NORM assessments – ROV mounted NORM detection systems for monitoring all types of subsea infrastructure to assess potential NORM impacts/risks
  • Other general Radiation Consultancy

Radiation Professionals Australia are now at the forefront of radiation safety and radioactive contamination control and management in Australia. We have decades of combined years in radiation management and Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM) management. RPA display ISO qualifications for the 9001 Management System, for 14001:2004 Environmental Management & for 18001:2007 Occupation Health & Safety.

At RPA, we strive to remain out in the lead in Australia, innovating, improving and educating the industry in radiation safety and radioactive materials management. We believe in our mission to provide complete, compliant and efficient radiation management across all industries.

We are here, as experts in radiation, to take away your headache and let you focus on being the experts that you are in your field.

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