Subsea NORM Detection

Just as with topside pipework, NORM can also accumulate in subsea pipelines
Subsea NORM Assessments

The Pig Patrol can be utilised with a firmware switch to enable ROV deployed subsea NORM assessments, including with externally mounted detector probes if required.

  • Proprietary ROV deployed instrumentation for subsea NORM assessments
  • Supported with topsides personnel and monitoring
  • Asset Retrieval Risk Assessments
Subsea Pipeline ROV Deployed Norm Detection and Assessment
NORM in subsea pipelines

Just as with topside pipework, NORM can also accumulate in subsea pipelines. The accumulation of NORM can greatly influence the decommissioning and abandonment of subsea pipework on the seabed. When any subsea equipment such as flexible risers or manifolds, are retrieved from the seabed, there is a potential for accumulation of NORM within the internal surfaces. Being able to ascertain the presence of significant build-up of NORM can greatly mitigate the risk of exposure to personnel and impact on the environment.

Using pig patrol?

Though Pig Patrol was initially designed for tracking pigs with on-board radioisotopes, the smart algorithm and outstanding performance of the detection system allows the use of the Pig Patrol for detection of significant NORM in subsea pipelines. Allowing the operator to make informed decisions for future work in the field.

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