Corporate Profile

RPA aim to be a leading light – not just in Australia but internationally

Radiation Professional Australia (RPA) RPA’s mission is to provide complete, compliant and efficient radiation management across all industries, by providing expert support and highly skilled in-field technical specialists and equipment to support our industry partners and improve project outcomes

Radioactive materials and radiation sources are used or encountered throughout industry. The identification of radiation as a hazard requiring control is often overlooked or poorly understood, including in the subsequent management of the risk.

RPA was established to bring together the necessary level of expertise and experience to enable us to support our customers to ensure that radiation is understood, used and managed in a practical, effective and safe manner.

Our Business

Our head office is in Perth, Western Australia, with support offices in Adelaide and Sydney.

Our team consists of a group of highly skilled consultants and technicians with decades of combined experience. Supported by robust project management team and systems, we are also one of the few ISO triple certified specialist radiation services providers.

We serve major international, national and independent mining, oil and natural gas companies, government bodies and other industries throughout the world in collaboration with our partner company DGAir.

We help our customers to effectively manage their radiation hazards, including with Environmental Surveys, Contaminated Sites Assessments, Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORM), Fixed Industrial Radiation Gauges, Borehole logging Sources, Isotopic Pig Tracking and Detection Services, Radionuclide Analysis, Packaging, Transport, Storage and Disposal.

RPA provides key services in:

NORM management – End to End

  • Radiation Management Plans (RMP), Procedures and Dose Assessments
  • NORM Radiation Safety Training and mentoring
  • Onsite NORM management – Operations and maintenance
  • Field Support Personnel including Contract Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) services
  • NORM Waste Logistics – packaging, transport, storage, disposal

Fixed industrial Radiation Gauges

  • Source importation and facilities registration
  • Radiation management plans and procedures, including Security management planning
  • Personnel training for licencing purposes
  • Gauge Compliance testing and certification
  • Radioactive Source disposal

Isotopic Pig Tracking and Detection

  • Pig tracking or pig detection and stuck pig location
  • Subsea pig trackers, intelligent algorithms to maximise detections
  • Topsides EX rated trackers
  • Licenced and experienced personnel to implement program
  • Subsea NORM Assessments

Radioactive materials Storage, Security and Transport

  • Transport and Security Planning
  • Packaging of materials/sources for storage/disposal
  • Licenced transport of radioactive materials/sources
  • Radioactive Materials Storage at our facility until disposal
  • Disposal of radioactive materials/sources including obtaining approvals

Training for all levels of Radiation Safety

  • Radiation Awareness
  • Registrant responsibilities
  • Work Safely With NORM
  • Fixed Industrial Gauges Licencing
  • Transport of Radioactive Materials Licencing
  • Work Safely With NORM
  • RSO Mentoring

RPA aim to be a leading light – not just in Australia but internationally – in the pursuit of demystifying radiation, supporting the safe and practical application of radiation and radioactive materials, to improve project outcomes for all industrial radiation management services wherever we operate.

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